Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Evaq Q7 Reflection on the Prelim

When I look back at my prelim I see that we have improved, however I feel we still made some of the same mistakes such as cross cutting and shot reverse shot. We learned how not to make these mistakes, but because we didn't get enough coverage and shots our film didn't flow from shot to shot and jumped badly.

We learned to vary up our shots more but we still did struggle with the shot variation and I don't think we included enough if we got the chance to reshoot the film this would be one of the things i would change. If i could also change it I would get more shots and extract the audio from the shots to make our sound seem more fluid, thi was another thing we also struggled to achieve.

Blue filter added on iMovie.
I learned how to edit, and add effects on iMovie since the prelim, such as how to slow down shots, and increase the speed. This was useful as we did speed up our shot of the zombies chasing after Alex to make it look more menacing, just like 28 Days Later, where they sped up the shots of zombies running to make it seem more intense.

Some things I deffinatly improved on from my prelim were ; Shot framing we had some intresting shots such as the shot of the zombie stumbling behind the rusted and bent fence. Our use of sound was better than before and we learned from mistakes that we had made in the prelim with sound e.g the gunshot. The location we used was very good and made the post apocalyptic setting more evident, I had used this before in one of our other filming tasks, this is deffinatly a strength of our film and helped create the atmosphere of the film all the more eerie.

In conclusion I have learned:

1. More shot variation is needed in order to bring variety to our film.
2.Get organised with the shots needed and film more than what we have storyboarded so we have some choice later on in the editing process.
3. record the sound seperatly and ten later add it in.

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