Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Eval Q3 Distributor

Suburban Zombie is a specific sub genre of horror and only a few British films have made it into the mainstream, such as 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead. This is mainly due to them being backed by big production companies such as Working Title. However smaller indie films such as Colin have made it into the mainstream.

The distribution company that we would use would be something like Kaleidoscope due to it being a small indie company. Our film is an underground indie film and most likely wouldn't get mainstream fame. Because of this the film may be web released or released on DVD. If released on the web it would most likely free or only get a small amount of money, but the good thing about this would be that our film can be accessed by the whole world and would help advertise ourselves.If our film was released on DVD the film may not get seen by a wider audience but a positive would be that we would make more money from sales.

 My distribution company is Lore, the type of films we would plan to release under this name would be low budget, british, indie horror films, like our film Suburban Zombie.

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