Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Eval Q5 How Did you Attract/Address your Audience?

Ben -Matt Johnson

Colin - Sam Boyes
We attracted our audiance using intertextual refferances to other films in the genre. As well as making our film scary this is the one key feature horror films need in order to succeed as it could be a making or breaking point of any horror film.

Some ways we attracted our audiance wer the intertextual names we gave our characters like Ben (Matt Johnson) and Colin (Sam Boyes) These are bothrefferances from other films from the genre. (Ben being from Night of the Living Dead and Colin from Colin.) We also looked at Shaun of the Dead and the scene where David gets eaten alive we see our unnamed character being eaten alive by zombies, this also attracts general fans of the horror genre as this scene could be seen as scary because of the graphic behaviour shown in the film.

The film is set in a suburban setting and a modern time period, it is set a few months after a post apocalyptic outbreak of a virus. The setting coul attract younger audiances who want to see a film with youths and familliar types of enviroments That teenagers may be used to. We can also relate our film to the youth culture surrounding the suburban setting such as "hoodies" and "chavs". Our characters also matched the age of the preffered audiance this makes the story seem more personal and targeted towards this group of people.

The zombie genre is primarily watched by a teen male audience, when I looked at sound and the back we worked out that teen males are most likely to like rock/metal music and decided to use it in the film. This decision was first thought of when I heard a song by the band The Devil Wears Prada who have recently made an album called 'Zombie.' which focused on a zombie apocalypse and was metal/metalcore. But we weren't allowed to use the actual song. We looked at other songs as well and found a song called L490 by 30 Seconds To Mars, I felt that this song sounded similar to the main track used in 28 Days Later, we recorded a cover of L490 and used it in a few of our cuts. Later on we felt like it didn't fit with the fight scene so we went away and recorded an original piece of music. These songs could attract an audience who enjoy rock/metal.

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