Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Eval Q4 Audience

Suburban Zombie contains scenes of gore and violance such as some of the characters getting killed and eaten. It also contains scenes of horror an example would be one of the unnamed characters gets eaten alive by two zombies. Because of this we think that the BBFC would rate our film a 15. However later on in the film we've planned to have more violance and gore. Our primary audience will be 15 -24 year olds but seeing as there has been a strong following of zombie films since the 60's so the film may be viewed by older aged people.

The zombie genre has an already massive cult following, there are the older followers who have watched the genre grow, since the 60's when it broke the mainstream, the genre was mainly backed by american studios, but in the 90's low budget british zombie films came about and wern't created by companies but by the fans of the genre who had grown up with it and now make the films . There are also the younger followers who have grown up with films such as Shaun of the Dead, 28 Days Later and so on. Because of this we tried to be intertextual to address both older and younger audiances that follow the genre.

Christopher Lee as Dracula
My film may also attract fans of Hammer Horror. Hammer Horror were a large company around the 50's -70's who produced films such as "Dracula" and the "The Curse of Frankenstein" These films introduced actors such as Peter Cushing, Michael Gough, Christoper Lee and Oliver Reed. They didn't focus on zombie films as such but did pave the way for British Horror which focused on a far more gothic and creepy atmosphere compared to the big american companies producing horro films such as Universal. They invented british horror conventions that made British Horror a sub genre of Horror, these included, extreme gore which at the time was almost unheard of in cinema and none of the mainstream companies would use. Content that was of a sexual nature, these films were very sexually explicit and didn't just focus on hetrosexuals, but homosexuality as well. They also were renound for being having a gothic atmosphere and many of their films were shot in a castle. We didn't actually have any sexual content in the film but we did use some gore and had a 'modern gothic' location a burned down house on the outskirts of a housing estate. These features may attract fans of Hammer Horror.

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