Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Eval Q6 Technologies

I have learned many things about the technologies required to create films,idents and evidence of our research. I learned about websites and software such as Scribd and Garage band. These programmes and websites helped make the film making process so much easier.

We learned how to edit using iMovie in the first few weeks of starting the course I had a brief knowledge of Windows Movie Maker before and how to edit. Howvere over the weeks I became used to the stages of editing a film such as cutting the scenes adding transitions and effects. The editing process now is second nature to me and I have used it to edit various films,prelim and a vodcast.

I had used Youtube a lot before and knew the basic skills and some of the more advanced skills such as adding annotations, audio swapping and adding captions over the top of a video. But i had never used Vimeo and learned how to upload videos from there and embbed them onto my own blog. This was usefull as Youtube is blocked in school and if we needed to upload and embbed a video we could easily do so at school seeing as it was not blocked.

The cameras I used were DV cameras they're old and aren't the pinnacle of technology but they did the job. The boom microphone was useful and was easy to use. We learned how to use it as we filmed our first rough cut, it provided great sound quality.

For my soundtrack I used a programme called Kristal this was a program I had previously used to record my bands songs, it's a proffesional recording programme that has a simple UI and is easy to pick up. We used this because we felt it was better than, garageband and would make our soundtrack stand out from others. The people performing in the track are Kyle Meeson (guitar) Conor O'loughlin (drums) and Sam Boyes (Bass). We recorded the real instruments previously, 2 years before the media course and removed the vocals, due to the lyrics not being relevant to the story.

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