Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Eval Q1In What Ways Does your Media Product Use, Develop or Challenge Forms and Conventions of Real Media Products?

Tobe Hoopers Zombies.
The title of our film started as a 'working title' and then we decided to keep it simply because it works as a title, and instantly tells everyone that the film is a zombie film. The 'Suburban' part of the title also suggest a suburban modern setting. Other zombie films use simple titles like Tobe Hoopers "Zombies". These titles also could be seen as comical, comedy films that use this simple title are Epic Movie, Scary Movie and Disaster Movie.

'Hoodie Zombie'
Our characters costumes, suggest working class backgrounds and criminal activity. We made our characters wear hoodies to suggest that before the zombie outbreak they were involved in criminal activity and are teenagers, we based this off the stereotype that the rest of society thinks teenagers from urban and suburban areas are all criminals and that teenagers are lazy and violant. We adressed these key stereotypes, The zombies slouch in a lazy posture and walk with their feet dragging to show the stupidity and laziness of these zombies. And our zombies hunt, kill and eat the flesh of the living these are over the top violant acts of behaviour. When we looked and researched films like Dawn of the Dead we realised that the zombies represented something from our society, in Dawn of the Dead the zombies represented that when in a shopping centre or a mall we look like zombies walking in hordes around shops. We took this idea and changed it so our zombies are behaving like they would in the world before the outbreak happend. Before the outbreak our zombies would have been bullies and would have bullied smarter people, we took it and changed it so that the zombies are "bullying" the living (who are much more intelligent than the undead) into submission. Our protagonists also fit the stereotypical protagonist in a zombie film, strong male characters who are ready to dive straight into the action and can be very practical in a situation like a mass outbreak of a virus that turns people into flesh eating members of the undead. An example of a strong male character in a zombie film would be Ben from Night of the Living Dead, he was practical, ready to fight and a natural leader we hoped to match his character as much as we can. However Ben is black, we changed this because the majority of people in the UK are white british. We felt this best represented the majority of the country.

Our editing is fast paced in the action scenes and slower in the few opening scenes. We chose to do this mainly because it's what we felt looked and felt best for our film and made our film more active and gave it some energy. I used low angles, over the shoulder shots and P.O.V shots to signify versimillitude. These types of shots give our film an edge of realism and can help create a scarier and almost realistic feeling to the film.

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